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5100 Selenium rouse SamSung pink of carbon of new option Hong Xin only 12 yuan
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Pink is added on market now business door is already located and visible, and the carbolic white that the place that add pink wants is almost a kind applicable a variety of, one introduces to apply to the pink of Hong Xin carbon that 5100 Selenium rouse SamSung to everybody below the author, sell the price on field only 12 yuan every, everybody mights as well go looking.

Hong Xin price of reference of market of 4500 carbon pink: 12 yuan /

Hong Xin 4500 carbon pink knows to apply to 4500 Selenium to rouse from the exterior, but this carbon pink can give likewise 5100 bring new student order, still bring the output result that is not defeated by Yu Yuan to install selenium to rouse at the same time. Every bottles of suttle 100g, like the other carbon pink on market, every time 5100 Selenium rouse fill, the provides amount that print compares 3000 pages low slightly.

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Company name: Beijing Hong Xinchang contains limited company of science and technology
Contact: Zhang Yanzhong
Connect a telephone call: 010-62681407 62681427 62681421
Storefront address: Room of B3625 of square of number of ZhongGuanCun E world

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