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AB carbon pink selenium rouses 5100D3 of SamSung of 25 yuan of coruscate new vit
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To printing an user character, the defray of every months that print is the expense with considerable brushstroke, how can the managing money of utmost? Author him proposal starts work buy carbolic pink to add pink. Now a lot of roll out the video tutorial that adds pink, you might as well try learn two trick, oneself buy him pink to add, later period prints cost will managing more. The author recommends to apply to SamSung to everybody below the pink of AB brand carbon of 5100, market price 28 yuan every bottles, the friend that wants to experience the fun that add pink mights as well go looking.

Price of reference of market of pink of AB SF-5100 carbon: 28 yuan / bottle

This carbon pink is suttle it is 90g like other trademark, suttle assurance can ensure selenium rouses the printing quantity of in use, the useless pink that at the same time this Selenium beat prints a generation is not much, to documentation print its to be able to provide perfect output result.

Room of 3A058 of edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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Company name: Trade of family of respect of luck of Beijing gold cereal is finite liability company
Contact: Li Dongxia
Connect a telephone call: 010-82538234 82537714 13521896864
Shop address: Room of 3A058 of edifice of electron of ZhongGuanCun division trade

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